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Larry Kozin~~COO

Larry Kozin~~COO/Board Member

Larry Kozin is very involved with his businesses, family, and helping others. He is the Founder and CEO of millionairZclub, LLC, which owns many other companies he founded, including iDeal Furniture, with over 300+ locations launched, Perfect Dreamer Mattress, Dirty Laundry Solutions, KozyFurniture, WhiteGlove4Less, Advanced Licensing, and many others in different stages of development. Through these involvements and putting his life experiences and skills into practical application, Larry has built sales teams of thousands of individuals in multiple organizations. Previously, Larry founded and served as President of the Federal Chamber of Commerce from 1999-2002, which rebranded as the MainStreetChamber of Commerce in 2006, and is still the current President, as well as Advanced Marketing Systems, CEO, he established in 1992 and continues to help small businesses grow & prosper. Today, Larry is excited to keep broadening his horizons and growing through helping others. Showing individuals how you can blend spirituality with business ownership and create multiple streams of income with better results in less time is the foundation of much of his work—as well as what allows him to be involved in so many opportunities. He is also co-authored the best selling book, Cracking the Code to Success, with renowned author and sales expert Brian Tracy.